Further severity increasing arrangements concerning enter to Hungary

We would like to add the following  information to our previously sent restrictions:

As a constitution, foreign citizens are not allowed to enter to Hungary, but there is a possiblity to submit an extraordinary application for individual evaluation.

  • for EU citizens holding valid registration card and plastic address card or permanent residence permit with plastic address card
  • for EU citizens, who are not holding registration and address cards, but s/he can proove, that his/her enter to Hungary is certainly necessary

This kind of certain reason can be:

  • if his/her spouse/child/parents, who require care live in Hungary – this should be certified with birth/marriage certificate and with the residence documents of the family member living in Hungary
  • s/he is eligable for medical care in Hungary – prooving with medical certificate
  • in case s/he works in Hungary and this can be prooved with documents – declaration from the employer, that the start of his/her employment is definitely necessary or work contract or transfer letter

Applications have to be submitted via e-mail to : ugyfelszolgalat(@) and it is requested to cc: ugyelet.orfk(@)  , the answer comes in approximately one week after submission.

Furthermore, we would like to kindly notify, that to enter the country is not granted, as the authority decide on its own initiative about the circumstances and the special reasons. In case they find the application well-established, they are sending a document to the applicant via e-mail about their decision.

The current restrictions and application processes for entering the country can be changed day by day, the government may decree more restrictions, additionally the e-mail addresses where the applications can be sent have been changed by the relevant authorities. Our information letter contain the currently valid e-mail addresses. We are working hard to record all the changes and keep you updated.

Additional important information: after successful travel to Hungary, it is mandatory for everyone to to be in 14 days official quarantine (as it is stated in the regulation as well), which means, that the person is not allowed to leave his/her home for 14 days.

If you need our help to prepare the applications, we are happy to help, so the applicant need to send it to the e-mail addresses in an easier way.

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