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On the 25th of September, SalesTech Budapest is back for the third time!


On the 25th of September,SalesTech Budapest is back for the third time! The team is preparing for the program in a feverish way to make you more groundbreaking and thoughtful this year. And since you can't catch a catfish in a jacuzzi, it's no secret they want to gather as many participants as possible and encourage them to leave their comfort zone in the sales area!


What will happen at this year's SalesTech Budapest? Here are the topics:

·      Sales failures and what they taught us firsthand from managers

o   Like the case of the beginner broker from New York, who lost 1 million dollars on a clumsily concluded transaction and was called to the general manager. “So am I fired now?” - asks the broker. “Fired??? Not at all! After I just spent a million on your training?”

·      Customer experience in person and in online space

o   Nowadays, we no longer expect to buy night dresses, to dine in a romantic restaurant, to take over our brand new premium SUVs, to close deals and acquisitions, but to be the main character of the story, or at least to be the central persona. That’s what we have to prepare for is sales too: a planned sales experience.

·      Sales in online space

o   If we sell to companies, how can we transform our online presence so that is supports our selling? Or how can we transfer a part of our sales activity to the internet?

·      The future is here: tomorrow’s sales today

o   Artificial intelligence, automated sales, data-based sales predictions, agile sales organizations, all the while many salespeople still can’t use excel?

·      Sales management and people in sales

o   Is a sales leader human, too? Yes! Our salespeople and customers are, too. (As well as ballet dancers and flintstones.) What are the roles and places of people in sales, in sales leadership?

·      B2B or B4B?

o   What experience does a B2B sales manager have in sales and how does a procurement director see that?


When selecting the speakers, they sought to ask the most authentic national and international experts and practitioners of the topic. The following speakers are sure to be welcomed on the SalesTech stage:


  • Baja Sándor | Randstad | Managing Director Czech, Hungary, Romania | Hogyan nőjük túl a piacot konjunktúrában? - Értékesítés Tech&Touch
  • Baranyai Dávid | NN Biztosító Zrt | Board Member | Csillagrombolók helyett – az NN Biztosító példája scaled agile-ban
  • Fernbach Zoltán | Mercedes-Benz Hungária Kft. | Director of Network Development and Training | Hogyan gondoljuk újra az értékesítést a vevő szemszögéből?
  • Hrvoje Supic | Salesforce | Regional Vice President, Eastern Europe and Mediterranean | Digital sales trends in CEE
  • Kozák Ákos | GfK | Commercial Director (Hungary & Adriatics) | Egy tradicionális üzlet digitális átalakulása
  • Pozvai Zsolt | Develor | Global CEO | Ostor és kantár vagy jól működő rendszerek, sales management újragondolva
  • Jean-Philippe M.L. Schepens van Thiel |  Bisnode International |  Innovate Data Master | Innovate Data – Creating Real Value
  • Zsédely Krisztián | | CSO | Gondoljuk újra az értékesítést innovációs szempontból


They want to bring something new to you in this year's formats!

1. In addition to the usual lectures and workshops, in SHARES, we can ask each other things we were afraid to have discussions about.

2. Our new format is Deep Dive, which is a 120-minute in-depth session on certain topics in the afternoon. Presentation, combined with the elements of the workshop and the conversations, about a topic that we need to know more about.


Don't miss out on the experience! Come and join us! You can buyindividual or group tickets at discounted prices during theLAZY BIRD period!

As a partner of the French Chamber of Industry, you can get a 15% discount on your ticket! Just use the code CCIFranceHongrie15 on our website when purchasing.


See you at SalesTech!


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