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STAUFEN. Study – "Success in Change 2019"

Staufen.AG regularly conducts surveys and identifies the most important economic trends. This year in cooperation with French-Hungarian and German-Hungarian Chamber we are extending the German survey to Hungary, China, Brazil and Switzerland.

Digitization, globalization and individualization are currently presenting companies with new challenges. For many companies, this means extensive or even profound change that not only focuses on structures, processes and qualifications. But rather a change to the entire management and corporate culture.

With that in mind, we highlight how companies address this change as part of our "Success in Change" study. For this, we would like to ask about your experience – to what extent have you already dealt with the topic? How do you prepare for future challenges and embrace change?

Please take 10 minutes to answer our questions using the following link:

English and Hungarian URL to survey



The results are and remain anonymous and the data will be aggregated and presented in our study. As a participant, you will receive the results of the study exclusively in advance.

In addition, we are giving away a chance to win a free participation on the BestPractice Day, Europe's leading Lean Congress on July 2–3, 2019 – you will experience benchmark examples from international experts and leaders from industry, business and science live!

Kind Regards from Köngen,

Pierre Matile

Blumenstraße 5 . 73257 Köngen


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