Le restaurant et bar Paris Budapest est à nouveau ouvert!

Our Sunday Brunch is back!


On the first weekend of June, our traditional Sunday Brunch, which is bringing back the joyful traditions of Sunday family lunches into the 21st century and post-COVID19 life, is back to Paris Budapest Restaurant. Of course with a little twist and following the health safety rules.


It is good to go to a restaurant! It is even better when we feel the first touches of summer and we can have a lunch or a dinner outside under the sun umbrellas. In Hungary, the tradition of going to a restaurant is getting stronger, as from the wide and changing offer of the restaurants everyone can find a place that suits his/her taste and budget. It is almost impossible to choose between everyday promotions, festive menus, offers customized to individuals, genders or even the professions we have, as there is already a business lunch in almost every restaurant, but we can also find different thematic menus like women's day menu, St. Martin's day menu. The selection is huge, however there is a form of eating that never goes out of style  and every generation choose it with pleasure, not by chance.


Sunday Brunch has a long tradition and we definitely need to bring this uplifting feeling of eating together back into our lives. It evokes old family traditions and gatherings as everyone is sitting around a table, eating delicious dishes, and cheerfully discussing the major events of the week.

The Paris Budapest Restaurant would like to vivify this tradition with the Sofitel Sunday Brunch program, which starts on the 7th of June and will  take place every Sunday, all day long.

In the restaurant, we pay great attention to the comfort and wishes of every family member, so every Sunday brunch offers a unique menu selection and an unforgettable experience!


The Sunday Brunch offers unique experience and amazing selection of meals for only 6500 HUF / person, and the restaurant also accepts children under the age of 10 completely free of charge, with a special children's menu and a little surprise! From the menu you can choose as many dishes as you wish and as many times as you want. For more details and information, please, visit our website.

We take care also about the parking: despite of the fact that we are at the city center, we offer you 2 hours free parking in the underground garage of our Hotel during your brunch time.   


Our first Sunday Brunch will be on the 7th of June and we can promise you, it will be amazing, you have nothing to do just participate, even every Sunday.


Table Reservation:

061 235 56 00 / 797



Let us take care of the meal of your whole family! The variety of fresh, delicious meals prepared by our excellent chefs will get the whole family around the table. Choose from the classics or surprise your loved ones with French taste. Every package can be deliver to your door or you can also pick it up in our restaurant! Do not waste your time in the kitchen, just relax and enjoy the flavours carnival!


Whole Roasted Farm Chicken -17 500 HUF (up to 4 pax)

  • Baby roast potatoes
  • Grilled garden vegetables
  • Caesar salad
  • + Any cake of your choice


Roasted Lamb - 19 500 HUF (up to 4 pax)

  • Caramelized carrots
  • Braised green cabbage
  • Mashed potato with  spring onion
  • + Any cake of your choice


Chicken Piri-Piri Drumsticks with BBQ Ribs  – 21 500 HUF(up to 4 pax)

  • Corn on the cob
  • Caesar salad
  • Potato salad
  • Hummus
  • Naan Bread
  • + Any cake of your choice
  • 21500.-



We are inviting you to get to know our unforgettable cakes!

Our delicious handmade cakes are freshly made with quality ingredients and are just the ticket for any reason or special occasion. We hope you enjoy our cakes as much as we enjoy baking them for you!

To make the occasion even more perfect pair the cake with a bottle of champagne. In the case you are celebration a special occasion we are surprise you with a balloon.


Dobos Cake - 9 500 HUF

True classic, chocolate cream, layered sponge cake, crunchy caramel on top

Salted Caramel Cake - 9 500 HUF

Devine classic cake with delicious caramel cream and sponge 

Fall in Love - 9 500 HUF

Beautiful heart shaped chocolate cake, hazelnut mousse, vanilla cream with delicious fruits on the top

Eszterházy Cake - 9 500 HUF

An all time classic, walnut cream, layers of sponge cake, walnuts

Paris Cheesecake - 9 500 HUF

Our take on the New York classic, sponge, cream cheese, strawberries

St. Honoré Cake - 9 500 HUF

French favourite, puffed pastry, vanilla cream, caramel is the name of the game


The price includes the VAT. Delivery fee in Budapest is 3000 HUF. Pick-up at the hotel is free of charge.



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