#CCIFI Challenge 2024 - SPORT&CSR

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Részvételi díj : 1 team (5 people) for our members : 280€ + VAT

1 team (5 people) for no members : 390€ + VAT


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#CCIFI Challenge 2024, the inter-company sport challenge for you and your employees -- Walking, Cycling, Running, Quizz, Missions and Boosts --

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Gather your best runners, walkers and cyclers!

We offer you a "moving together" opportunity within our worldwide French Chamber network!

Spring is coming soon; nature is waiting for you! We welcome applications from as many companies as possible, teamed is (several) 5 member groups within each company!

Everyone can do sport (walk, run, cycle) as part of their team or individually, at their own pace, with the aim of contributing to the winning of the team, while improving their and our Earth’s health.

 Join us!


What's this all about?


  • Support the well-being and mental health of your employees through a connected team challenge through physical activity (walking, running, cycling etc.) and fun (quiz, photo challenge) with all participants worldwide from the French Chamber network.

  • Create community values, gathered around the transformation in favour of inclusiveness and the environment by offering a space for cohesion, sharing and communication on living well together.

  • Promote the activities of your participants in an inter-company challenge in support of the Solar Impulse Foundation, the association that has identified 1000+ clean and profitable solutions to make our Earth a better place to live.

  • 25% of the participation fees collected will be offered to the Solar Impulse Foundation by the 24 participating French chambers abroad, coordinated by CCI France International.

  • Commit CSR, measure and limit the company's environmental impact and reduce the carbon footprint


The CCIFI Challenge 2024 will take place in 24 countries around the world (Belgium, Colombia, Czech Republic Germany, Hungary, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Romania, Spain – Barcelona, Spain – Madrid, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, USA – San Francisco, Ukraine, Vietnam) coordinated by CCI France International.



                                                                How to participate?

It's on the Squadeasy  app where everything is played! The mobile app has its own activity tracking technology and counts points.


Register or register your company


Accumulate your points thanks to sports challenges and quizzes



  • April 4: Onboarding webinar

  • April 8: Official start of the event. Share every moment with the #CCIFIChallenge 2024  (The application will be available 1 week before)

  • May 5: End of the challenge! The full ranking of companies will be announced.

  • May 7: Award ceremony in Budapest


From today: registration period, creation of teams and familiarization with the application (Available on Google Play and App Store)



1 team (5 people) for our members: 280 € + VAT

1 team (5 people) for non-members: 390 € + VAT

The price includes the entrance fee to the final ceremony awards for the attending teams. Once registered you will receive the code to enter when downloading the application after the 20th of March. You can then create a team (or join an existing one). Your team’s name must start with your company name followed by country letters ("company - HU - team name"). 

Engage your colleagues and create one or several teams within the company. Five (5) people per team.

Each individual action earns your team points: running, cycling, walking, quiz, pictures.


Registration deadline: March 31, 2024


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In support of:

Solar Impulse Foundation 



For any other questions do not hesitate to contact Emese Ladányi



Kind regards,

the CCI France Hongrie team


Let's move together this year!


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