Ipar, Gyártás

Feltöltés ideje: 2024.01.30

Keresés típusa: Permanent contract 

Keresési terület: Warehousing and store

A job seeker is looking for full-time, permanent work in the field of warehousing and store. He holds a BAC G2 in accounting then a BTS in Management and has 5 years of experience in store management and 3 years in accounting. He speaks French and English.



Feltöltés ideje: 2024.01.10

Keresés típusa: Permanent or fixed-term contract (first job)

Keresési terület: Water management and environmental protection engineering.

A just graduated engineer in water management and environmental preservation, he is looking for a first job to develop the skills he has acquired in hydraulics, hydromorphology and wetlands. Serious, diligent and with a very good mastery of English, he is looking for any proposal consistant with his profile.



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