Ipar, Gyártás

Feltöltés ideje: 2022.01.10.

Keresés típusa: Gyakornoki, Teljes- vagy részmunkaidős

Keresési terület: Mérnöki

He is an Electrical Engineer, subsequently graduated in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Informatics, with extensive experience in Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment, he is looking for a job in Hungary. He is also interested in an internship.   


Feltöltés ideje: 2021.12.15.

Keresés típusa: Teljes,- és rész munkaidős állás

Keresési terület: Rugalmas

Skilled and adaptable engineer in Material, then PhD. in Engineering  and Advanced Technology looking for new opportunities. Quick learner, motivated and flexible, can quickly become operational in various professional sectors. Looking for a remote position in a firm with human and/or environmental values.  


Feltöltés ideje: 2021.09.03.

Területek : Gyártás, Ipar

Keresés típusa: Teljes munkaidő, Részmunkaidő, Gyakornok

Just graduated with 4 years of experience in the automotive industry. Experienced in Lean management, décomposition of times, with a strong spirit of analysis, synthesis and adaptation according to the sector.



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