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Daniel Ofman will share some of his experiences around using his Core Qualities concept to create high performing teams of well-known companies .

Ever since he published his first bestselling book on Inspiration and Quality in Organisations in 1992, more than a million people in his home country got introduced to this innovative approach.
This method proved an immediate success and numerous companies and organizations have profited by it.

Each individual has core qualities. Knowing your core qualities offers great insight into your pitfalls, challenges and allergies as well, as Daniel Ofman shows in his Core Qualities Program. Searching for these positive traits and strengthening them, facing the shadow side of your complementary traits will empower you and others.
When you understand the Core Quadrant® of your top management team, it is much clearer why you respond to each other the way you do.

Time to meet Daniel Ofman and get introduced to his powerful methodology!


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