EUROPEAN BUSINESS MIXER (Pays d'Europe Centrale et Orientale)

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L'événement est terminé. *veuillez noter que l'ajout de l'événement dans votre calendrier ne signifie PAS que vous êtes inscrit. Vous devez d'abord vous inscrire si vous souhaitez assister à un événement.

European Business Mixer : le rendez-vous business en ligne des entrepreneurs des CCI France International des Pays d'Europe Centrale et Orientale



Welcome to the first edition of the

European Business Mixer

An online meeting where entrepreneurs from 7 Chambers
can meet around virtual tables to network.



Each participant is assigned to several virtual tables. Each virtual table is composed of 5 participants, duration of one round is 20 minutes.

All participants have 3 minutes to present their business. At the end of the session, participants move on to the next table.


This is a unique networking format that allows you to get many contacts in a short time.




• 12h00 - 12h50 Possibility of technical test

• 1:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. Opening

• 1:15 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. Business Mixer


Regulations and technical information on the platform

• The link to the platform will be sent to you before the event along with your individual schedule for participation in the virtual tables;

• Connection to the platform is most easily done via the Google Chrome web browser;

• Before logging into the event page, it is recommended to check in your computer settings if the camera and microphone are on and working properly;


How to use the platform


Connection to the platform

• Once the link has been received, click on the “Sign in to join event” button;

• Please enter your email address and click on the “Continue” button;

• A window will appear in which you will have to enter your full name and a password of at least 6 characters;

• Check the box “I agree to the terms and conditions” and click on “join event now”;

• In the next step, click on "I'm in a hurry, take me right into the event";


How the Business Mixer works?

• Virtual tables will be indicated with floors. When you arrive on the platform, you are on the 1st floor. Go to the floor corresponding to your first table (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor);

• To join a table, double click on it (maximum capacity: 6 people);

• At the bottom of the screen, you will find all the control buttons: camera, microphone, chat, screen sharing, etc. - To chat and see the guests, the camera and microphone must be on;

• Throughout the event, you can communicate in the general “chat” or in private by searching for a specific participant.

• You can only see and speak with people who are "sitting" together with you at the same table



18 February,  13:00-15:30

Participation is free of charge and open
only for CCI France Hongrie members


! Only one representative per company can participate to the event !





The organizers do not guarantee the meeting with all the companies that the participant has indicated on the registration form.


Instead of the traditional exchange of business cards, we encourage you this time to join a Linkedin group! Each participant will receive a link to the closed group on LinkedIn in the confirmation of their participation.




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