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Join the Plan B social initiative

The Plan B social initiative, in just 2 weeks, reached 16.000 people who lost their jobs during the last weeks. The voluntary teams of Friends Club Hungary Kft and the Colibri Group connected registered users with 7000 open positions of 330 companies and institutions in 2 weeks' time.

The number of registered users is constantly growing. More than 1000 unemployed people find their plan B in the first 2 weeks.


Short term goals and commitments:

- Redirect registered users to those sectors and companies in which can offer them employment opportunities seasonally or in the long term

- Prepare to manage larger masses.

- Launch or connect to training programs that can offer a long-term solution for the given challenges


We are searching for corporate partners. Any help counts.


If you have an open position please contact us:


mail: bterv(@)


Presentation of plan B

Statistics in Hungarian​​​​​​​


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